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Giving Thanks for Strong Partnerships

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In our most recent Investors Report, Global Partnerships (GP) was pleased to announce that we've now impacted a cumulative 3.4 million lives since 1994. We're thrilled by this accomplishment in our ongoing work to expand opportunity for people living in poverty, but we didn't get there alone.

At GP, "partnership" is more than just part of our name—everything we do depends on strong partnerships with like-minded people and organizations. We'd like to take the time this Thanksgiving to share some of the many partnerships we're thankful for:

Dedicated partner organizations. GP doesn't carry out our work in a vacuum; when we expand opportunity for people living in poverty, it's our partner organizations that deliver that opportunity to their clients. Microfinance institutions providing access to credit, agricultural outgrowers offering flexible financing, crop assistance and access to markets, mobile health clinics providing preventive health care in indigenous languages, solar light distributors bringing clean, affordable solar solutions to off-grid communities—every one of our 50 current partners plays an essential role in delivering products and services that help change their clients' lives for the better.

Remarkable clients. Our partners' clients are amazing people. They work extremely hard to provide for their families and create a better future for their children. They embrace the opportunity to improve their lives by building businesses, diversifying crops or developing their financial literacy.

Enthusiastic donors, investors, grantors, volunteers and supporters. We at GP are incredibly grateful to our network of supporters. Our donors are informed, thoughtful and dedicated to making a difference. Our investors have chosen to invest their funds for a positive social return and a number of them are also among our grantors, who are generous with their knowledge and their networks, in addition to their funding. Our volunteers share their expertise, from our committed board members to supporters who offer their services as interpreters, event planners and more.

The success of Global Partnerships' mission to expand opportunity for people living in poverty depends on the strength of each of these partnerships, and we couldn't be more grateful for the people and organizations who make our work possible and help us bring market-sustained opportunity to millions.

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Partnerships like the one between GP and FUDEIMFA deliver essential products and services to people living in poverty.
Program Associate Agnes Cho (far left) speaks with a client of community pharmacist Ana Rosa Castillo (far right) on Amapala, a small island off the southern Pacific coast of Honduras. Ana Rosa and her clients are among the roughly 5,000 residents of the island and benefit from GP partner FUDEIMFA's rural pharmacies initiative. The initiative works with women leaders in communities throughout Honduras to place pharmacy cabinets in their homes or businesses, stocked with common medications. Pharmacists are trained to dispense the medicines and have the flexibility to sell in whatever dose is needed, making essential medicines affordable for families who often go without health care. Photo © Global Partnerships.

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