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by Rick Beckett, president & CEO, Global Partnerships

For Global Partnerships, 2015 marked the beginning of our third decade of expanding opportunity for people living in poverty and our second decade as a nonprofit impact investor supporting market-based solutions to poverty.

It also marked the first year of GP's aspiration-based strategic plan. Our goals are simple:

  • Triple the breadth of opportunity in which we invest;
  • Quadruple our volume of impact investments; and
  • Multiply our social impact more than tenfold, ultimately impacting 30 million lives through our partners.

I am pleased to share that we're off to a good start, with strong results and solid growth. In fiscal year 2015, GP invested $35.7 million in social enterprises that delivered opportunity in the form of high-impact products and services to impoverished families and communities throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. Our partners empowered people to earn a living, improve basic health and gain access to solar energy. From inception through fiscal year-end 2015, this brings our impact investments to $168.4 million. Most importantly, these investments positively impacted more than 600,000 lives in FY15 alone, increasing our cumulative impact to 3.3 million lives.1

Impact investing highlights this year included our first investment in Paraguay and growth in our rural livelihoods and green technology portfolios. We made several investments in different types of social businesses beyond microfinance institutions and cooperatives, with the promise of scaling access to solar light to millions of people and bringing economic opportunity to tens of thousands of smallholder farmers. We continue to work throughout Latin America and the Caribbean and have laid the groundwork to make our first impact investments in sub-Saharan Africa, where we have opened a new office in Nairobi, Kenya. Our Social Investment Team has begun work on the continent with the most prevalent and persistent poverty in the world.

Beyond investment activity and geographic expansion, our philanthropically-funded research is exploring how new types of products and services can make a difference in the lives of people living in poverty. We are currently exploring the potential of opportunities in education, efficient cookstoves and urban sanitation. We are assessing new channels for delivering services, most notably in rural livelihoods where agricultural value chains are experiencing innovation that may benefit millions of smallholder farmers. And we are exploring new types of impact-led capital to address market failures where early-stage social enterprises that have high potential for impact at scale cannot attract the seed-stage funding they need to kick-start their efforts.

As we look ahead, much remains to be accomplished. Together with our partners, investors and donors we will continue exploring ways to bring opportunity to millions of people living in poverty. We appreciate your support, the trust you put in our staff and partners around the world and the passion you share for our mission. Thanks to your continued support of and belief in Global Partnerships' work, we begin 2016 poised to expand opportunity for more people in more places than ever before.


12015 performance indicators listed here reflect performance in fiscal year 2015 (July 1, 2014 - June 30, 2015).

Technical assistance and farm improvement loans, like the one that allowed Leonardo to purchase his wet mill, are a critical part of expanding opportunity for people living in poverty.
Leonardo Garcia, pictured here with a basket of his latest coffee cherry harvest, standing in front of the wet mill he will use to de-pulp them, is a client of GP partner Fondo de Desarrollo Local (FDL). He lives in the northern highlands of Nicaragua with his wife Esperanza and their nine children. When Leonardo first started his farm, his land was covered with rocks and weeds; it is now a fertile, thriving coffee farm. GP is proud to partner with social enterprises like FDL to help families like Leonardo's better provide for their families and progress out of poverty. Photo © Global Partnerships.

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