It’s not often that coffee producers, exporters, roasters and baristas find themselves in the same room. But earlier this month, about 10,000 people from throughout the coffee value chain converged in Seattle for the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) Event and Symposium. This annual event is a major opportunity to network and build relationships, as well as exchange ideas on important issues affecting the coffee industry.

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Here in Seattle, the days are getting shorter, the air chillier, and stringed lights are beginning to appear throughout the city. The holiday season has arrived. Next week, many of you will spend Thanksgiving with loved ones, sharing a meal and reflecting on all that you're thankful for.

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“Without the coffee, [the farmers] would have to sell their land,” said Alvaro Gomez Ferreto during his recent visit to our Seattle office. “They need to sell coffee to generate revenue.”

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The Coffee Conundrum

Earlier this year, The Atlantic Monthly wrote about the conundrum coffee farmers face in growing organic coffee and fending off the rampant rust disease that has afflicted the coffee crops of Latin American farmers.

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