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Social enterprises use market-driven solutions to deliver goods and services that empower people in poverty to address the many challenges they face. By combining mission with a financially sustainable business model, social enterprises can maximize impact at scale. However, too often these organizations lack the access to affordable capital to reach more of those who could truly benefit. Global Partnerships’ (GP) invests in these social enterprises through our Social Investment Funds.


Social Investment Funds


GP's Social Investment Funds (SIFs) provide loans to our partners to help sustain and grow already proven solutions to poverty in Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa. Since 2005, we have formed six social investment funds designed to provide low-cost loans to a select portfolio of mission-driven partners while providing investors with both financial and social returns. Our fund investors include foundations aiming to align assets with mission, religious pension funds striving for community impact, development banks seeking catalytic impact investment opportunities and accredited individual investors. In addition to providing investors with a stable, fixed-income financial return, GP’s funds also deliver high social return that helps impoverished people earn a living and improve their lives.


The Social Venture Fund


The Global Partnerships/Eleos Social Venture Fund (SVF) is a new, early-stage impact-led fund investing in social enterprises that expand opportunity for people living in poverty in East Africa. The fund will invest in approximately 12 high-potential, early-stage social enterprises focused on education, energy, health, rural livelihoods, sanitation and water. The goal of the SVF is to positively impact 5+ million lives over the life of the fund. The SVF is designed to bridge the “pioneer gap” where many high-potential, early-stage social enterprises cannot attract the seed stage capital and support they need to develop and flourish. The fund’s first three investments include Sanergy, Penda Health, and Eneza Education. Initial investors in the SVF include Sorenson Impact Foundation and Linked Foundation. Read more about the SVF here.


Global Partnerships’ debt fund highlights include:

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