Women-Centered Finance with Health


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By the Numbers




$16.7M Capital Deployed
12 Partners




$41.3 Capital Deployed
19 Partners
1.3M Lives Impacted




$5,228,244 Capital Deployed
11 Partners
513,791 Clients
45% Rural Clients
82% Female Clients
466,672 Borrowers
$930 Average Loan Size
203,174 Savers
296,806 Individuals Trained
299,234 Instances of Medical Attention


Improving Health and Economic Position

An estimated 1.3 billion people worldwide have no access to effective and affordable health services. This lack of access and burden of disease continue to be shouldered disproportionately by women.


Global Partnerships (GP) aims to improve the health of women living in poverty by investing in microfinance institutions (MFIs) that deliver credit and savings plus access to basic health services.


Who is Served?
The target demographic is female micro-entreprenuers living on less than $3.10/day.

What is Delivered?
• Small-to-medium size working capital loans delivered through the village bank
• Access to savings
• Preventive health education and/or screening
• Access to primary care for the client and her family 

Why is it Impactful?
Household health and economic position improves because women are agents of change. With access to financial and health services they are able to:
• Practice prevention
• Make more informed decisions
• Seek timely treatment
• Better deal with the costs associated with a health event

How is it Sustained?
Discounted health services may be delivered directly by the financial institution or through a third party or insurance model, with costs covered via pre-paid subscription packages or fee for service.