Home Improvement Finance

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By the Numbers




$2.5M+ Capital Deployed
5 Partners


Improving Health, Security and Sense of Dignity

1.2 billion people live in inadequate and unsafe housing worldwide. More than 50 percent of residential construction in the developing world is done through incremental home improvements.


Global Partnerships aims to make adequate housing affordable for low-income families by investing in social enterprise partners who provide home improvement loans alongside construction advice.


Who is Served?
The target demographic is low-income households:
• Most of whom live on $10/day
• Some living on $3.10/day
• Typically repeat microfinance institution customers

What is Delivered?
• Tailored individual credit (<$1,500) to be used for home improvements (floors, roofing, walls, water, sanitation, clean energy)
• Technical assistance customized to the borrowers needs, typically project planning/budgeting including home visit and sometimes including construction oversight or materials access support services

Why is it Impactful?
Household health, security and sense of dignity increase due to:
• Lower exposure to bad weather (roofs, walls, floors) and sources of disease (sanitation and water) 
• Physical protection from robbers or intruders (walls, fences and windows) 
• Improved confidence and sense of self-worth in the community

How is it Sustained?
Product margins cover costs of procurement and distribution.