Digital Study Materials


By the Numbers




$125,000 Capital Deployed
1 Partner 




$125,000 Capital Deployed
614,087 Lives Impacted


The Challenge:

With high student-to-teacher ratios and lack of quality study materials, African children lack access to the resources they need to advance their education. As a result, many children underperform and a large proportion of secondary-age students are not enrolled in school.


The SVF has invested in Eneza Education, a social enterprise that leverages low-cost mobile phones to deliver affordable and interactive study content. Their goal is for millions of students in Africa to learn more effectively and efficiently.


Who is Served?
The target demographic Base of the Pyramid households in urban and peri-urban areas with children in primary and secondary school.

What is Delivered?
• High quality, low cost, education and test prep materials via SMS or mobile applications

Why is it Impactful?
Youth graduation rates, literacy and cognitive skills improve due to:
• Improved performance on national exam, leading to greater likelihood of continuing education
• Replacement of traditional education for those without access to schools

How is it Sustained?
Client prepaid subscription for monthly services.
Lower cost of services and personalized learning through mobile delivery.