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By the Numbers




$100,000 Capital Deployed
1 Partner
TBD Lives Impacted


Improving Health and Economic Position

500 million families in developing countries face serious health risks by the pollution from traditional cooking methods. Each year, 4.3 million people die from inhaling indoor air pollution, adding up to more deaths than malaria, tuberculosis and AIDS combined. Collecting and using traditional cooking fuels like wood and charcoal are inefficient and can be the single largest household expenditure.


Global Partnerships (GP) aims to reduce health risks and financial burden of impoverished households by investing in cookstoves that reduce emissions and are more efficient and affordable.


Who is Served?
The target demographic is BOP households.

What is Delivered?
• Fuel-efficient cookstoves
• Clean cooking fuel

Why is it Impactful?
Household health and economics improve due to:
• Reduced fuel and time costs
• Improved air quality
• Decreased smoke/improved health

How is it Sustained?
End users pay for product purchase.