Artisan Market Access



By the Numbers




First investment in September 2017


$750,000 Current Capital Deployed


1Partner (Novica)


Increasing and Stabilizing Incomes

Most artisans in the developing world do not have access to international markets that would enable them to receive fair prices for their work and reach more customers.  


Global Partnerships aims to improve the economic position of artisans and their families by investing in social enterprises who provide market access as well as price premiums.


Who is Served?
The target demographic is informal artisan laborers earning less than $10 per day.

What is Delivered?
• Market access – Stable contracts with price premiums for artisan products
• Technical assistance - Product design & development, skills development, business training and/or certification

Why is it Impactful?
Net incomes of artisan families increase and/or stabilize due to:
•Higher and/or more stable prices and/or volume sold;
•Diversification of income sources;
•Increase awareness of product-market fit;
•Access and use of improved production techniques

How is it Sustained?
Costs of providing services funded by sales margins to wholesalers, retailers and/or end consumers.