Our Impact

Since our inception, GP has impacted more than 10 million lives across Latin America, the Caribbean and sub-Saharan Africa. Among the people our partners serve, 74% live in rural areas and 83% are women. Through our partners, we continue our commitment to reach the rural poor and empower women.

GP has invested $300.4 million in 121 partner organizations in 19 countries. We invest in market-sustainable solutions that help impoverished people earn a living and improve their lives.

Impact First

There is a zone between traditional philanthropy and commercial markets where impact-first investing can fill a critical need. There is not enough philanthropic capital to eradicate poverty and commercial markets tend not systematically reach and include people living in poverty. We have a dedicated Impact and Research team, which designs our thinking around impact, and executes on our strategy. Our Annual Impact Report details this work. Here are our four dimensions of impact-first investing:

Broaden Opportunity

We recognize poverty is multi-dimensional so our work is built around a growing number of impact areas including Energy, Livelihoods, Health, Education, W.A.S.H. and Housing. Within each opportunity area are our 13 investment initiatives designed to address the diverse facets of poverty:

Finance with Education

Solar Lights

Finance with Health

Finance with Education

Urban Sanitation

Health Clinics

Smallholder Farmer
Market Access

Digital Study Materials

Essential Medicines

Home Improvement Finance


Artisan Market Access

Deepen Inclusion

GP is dedicated to making markets work for those traditionally excluded. Therefore, our investment initiatives are designed to address various facets of exclusion, including gender, geography. To effectively evaluate our outreach to marginalized populations, we capture macro targeting data, operational data from our social enterprise partners, and household data from their clients. This analysis helps us screen for the most inclusive partners and provides valuable insights into where markets are or are not working.

Serve Millions

To make a sizeable impact on the roughly 3 billion people around the world living on $3.10 a day, we need to invest in opportunities that scale. We believe capital and markets have an essential role to play in unlocking and sustaining opportunities for people living in poverty. If solutions can reach sustainability then they can be scaled to reach millions of people.

Improve Lives

To follow through on the impact we aim to deliver, we strive to measure the impact our investments have on people living in poverty. We employ a rigorous and iterative impact management practice that draws on qualitative and quantitative data. As part of this work, GP is conducting case studies with our partners to speak with hundreds of clients directly to better understand the realities they face and whether our investments are delivering the desired impact for the households we aim to serve.


Your donation to Global Partnerships will help measure the social impact of our investments and seek out new initiatives: