2016 Luncheon speech by
GP CEO Rick Beckett


Empowering Women

Maritza Jarquin


Ana Victoria Dubon

Yolanda's Styory


20/20: GP's Past, Present & Future

Global Partnerships' President & CEO Rick Beckett talks about GP's 20-year history, shares four lessons learned, and provides a glimpse into GP's future.

Making Markets Work for Millions

Elizabeth Littlefield, president & CEO of the Overseas Private Investment Corporation, was our keynote speaker at Global Partnerships' 20/20 luncheon. She spoke about the powerful role that capital and markets can play in global development. 

The Opportunity Effect: Real Lives, Real Impact

Frank Fuentes is the general manager of GP's partner Crediflorida in Peru. Mr. Fuentes shares two powerful stories about clients that have been able to improve their lives thanks to access to training, credit and markets. 

Faces of Hope

For 20 years, we've been inspired by the clients that we serve through our partner organizations in Latin America and the Caribbean. These clients are full of hope, ambition and courage, and they are the reason we do the work that we do.

What Makes a Successful Partnership?

Francisco Moreno Oleas, Executive Director of Fundación Espoir, explains his view on the keys to having a successful partnership. Espoir is one of 6 partners in GP's Health Services Fund.

GreenTech Overview

Nearly 1.3 billion people lack affordable access to electricity. Find out what we're doing to address this need with this quick overview of our GreenTech work.

Why invest in solar technology in developing countries? (Question of the Month for April 2014)

Danny Stokley, Green Technology Fund Officer, explains why solar lights are important in developing countries.

Green Technology

Learn about Global Partnerships' green technology work.

How Global Partnerships got its Start

Bill and Paula Clapp share their story of how they founded Global Partnerships.

Interview with Linked Foundation

Nancy Swanson, Executive Director of Linked Foundation, an investor, shares her thoughts on Global Partnerships' (GP) health services work.

Interview with the Inter-American Development Bank

Oscar Farfan, Investment Officer at the Inter-American Development Bank, shares his thoughts on IDB's investments in Global Partnerships.

Dreams Inspired. Dreams Achieved.

Clients reached through Global Partnerships' partners share their hopes for the future.