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As an impact-led investor, Global Partnerships goes beyond simply counting the number of people served in order to understand and maximize our impact. We speak with clients to evaluate what approaches work, why, for whom and under what circumstances. GP then uses that knowledge to inform our investments. Part of our impact evaluation is accomplished through targeted case studies to better understand the depth and quality of the impacts delivered by our partners. 


Idepro Case Study: Gaining deeper insight into the clients served and outcomes achieved in grape value chains

We conducted a case study with our partner Idepro, a Bolivian microfinance institution (MFI) that is aligned with GP’s Rural-Centered Finance with Education investment initiative. Idepro delivers specialized credit and technical assistance (TA) to underserved producers.


They have a strong social performance management system and embarked on this joint case study to inform their offering within the grape value chain.


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Sustainable Health Solutions for People Living in Poverty in Latin America

Health Case StudyPartners that deliver health education and services have long been a central part of Global Partnerships’ investment portfolio. And with good reason: poverty impacts an individual’s health, including the ability and opportunity to engage in health-seeking and health-promoting behavior. We have worked closely with a select group of partners to help design, pilot and scale the delivery of market-based health products and services.


To capture and share our learnings from this work, we have produced this case study, which highlights the key lessons from our work to date, and provides recommendations for social enterprises operating within the health space.


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