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Global Partnerships and local coffee roaster Grounds for Change have partnered to bring you Opportunity Blend, a dark, rich and aromatic blend of beans from three of the countries where Global Partnerships' programs are at work: Peru, Bolivia and Guatemala.

Global Partnerships receives 15 percent of the sales price from every bag of Opportunity Blend coffee sold. These dollars are used to develop sustainable solutions that expand opportunity for families living in poverty.

opportunity blend

With your purchase of Opportunity Blend coffee, you are making a lasting impact on the lives of hardworking people throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

Order opportunity blend today.

About Grounds for Change
Grounds for Change is a family owned and operated coffee roasting business located in the Pacific Northwest. Their mission is to support social equity and environmental sustainability through fair trade, organic, shade grown coffee. In addition to working with organizations like Global Partnerships, a number of community-based programs in coffee-growing countries directly benefit from the purchase of Grounds for Change's coffee. The company also uses 100 percent renewable energy and offsets all of its carbon dioxide emissions, including those from operations and transportation.