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Expanded Partnership with Friendship Bridge to Improve Health for Rural Guatemalan Women

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We are excited to share that we have expanded our partnership with Friendship Bridge, a nonprofit microfinance institution dedicated to improving the lives of impoverished women in rural Guatemala, by adding them to our Health Services Fund (HSF). Launched in 2011, the HSF aims to deliver improved health services to at least 100,000 people. The way the HSF works is Global Partnerships’ programs staff collaborates with partner organizations to either:

  • Research and develop new health services packages; or
  • Re-envision and rebuild existing health services packages

so that they:

  • Address a health need within the community, such as cervical cancer or diabetes;
  • Improve access to and affordability of services such as PAP smears and preventive health education/screenings; and
  • Are financially sustainable, so that our partners can eventually serve their clients without any philanthropic support. This is the key to our partners scaling their services so that more people can access life-saving health services and education.

We are eager to kick-off our work with Friendship Bridge. The next step is to define the basic health services package that can be delivered. This will require much research and planning, but we already have many insights and lessons we can draw upon from our existing HSF partnerships with Pro Mujer in Nicaragua, Fonkoze (Haiti), COMIXMUL (Honduras) and Espoir (Ecuador).

We’d love to keep you informed of how our HSF partnership with Friendship Bridge progresses. Please let us keep in touch with you—subscribe to our blog and we’ll deliver fresh updates straight to your email inbox.

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Friendship Bridge members hold a village bank meeting.
Friendship Bridge members hold a village bank meeting. Photo © Global Partnerships.

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