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National Volunteer Month

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April is National Volunteer Month. We've been fortunate to have many amazing volunteers over the years. They help us with everything from event support to translation to research. We would not be able to achieve everything we do without their generous help. For National Volunteer Month, we would like to highlight Frederic Anauld, who provides us with pro-bono consulting services in digital analytics and marketing. We're grateful for his support. 

1. Why did you decide to volunteer your consulting services at GP?

Frederic AnauldI initially decided to volunteer my consulting services at GP after working on an analysis project on their previous website as part of the Analysis Exchange, a program aimed at providing web analytics resources to the nonprofit community. During that assignment, I got a chance to learn more about what Global Partnerships stands for and was impressed by its ability to impact the lives of millions of people in Latin America and in the Caribbean on many levels.

Coming from Martinique, a small island in the French West Indies, I tend to think that we are all world citizens and that anyone can benefit from a little help from each other. It often does not cost much and it can really impact someone’s life (in addition to make you feel good about volunteering and sharing your knowledge for a good cause).

 2. In a nutshell, what do you help GP with?

Basically I help GP with optimizing its web presence and making the most out of that affordable medium that the web is. My main task consists in collecting actionable insights to improve the quantity and quality of online visits, and generate desired outcomes that are aligned with the organization's raison d'etre.

3. What do you enjoy about working with GP?

I really enjoy the flexibility of our collaboration. Working full time in California, I am very happy to work with such understanding and flexible individuals. It is also nice to collaborate with such a dedicated team that takes time to communicate and share feedback on a regular basis, despite having many other tasks to handle.

4. What benefits do you get from your work with us and what would you suggest to people interested seeking a similar opportunity and want to get the most they can out of it?

First and foremost, I feel gratified thinking that my small contribution helps GP raise awareness and improve the lives of people in a profound and sustainable way.

I also appreciate the fact that this volunteering experience allows me to improve my skills as one is never done learning especially in a constantly changing environment like the web. I would suggest to anyone interested in volunteering to just contact any organization whose cause they believe in or to perform a simple search online for terms like "How to Volunteer." There are many programs whose mission is to match people with organizations. Most nonprofit organizations have to do more with less and can always use some more resources. Just jump in, you will be glad you did.

To learn more about volunteer opportunities at GP, please send us an email at

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If you like what you’re reading, please subscribe to our blog via email. Click here or enter your email in the subscription box at the top right corner of

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Quote from Fred Anauld
Quote from Fred Anauld, one of GP's pro-bono consultants.

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