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Meet Our New Director of Program Initiatives

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We are pleased to introduce the newest member of our team, Andy Lohof, director of program initiatives. Get to know Andy in this short Q&A:

Question: What's your background? 

Answer: I have over 15 years of experience with investment funds and development institutions in the United States, Africa and Latin America. I spent nearly all of 2013 in Peru working as a microenterprise advisor with TechnoServe on a public-private partnership with USAID and a multinational mining company. I have also translated for a peer-to-peer lending website and worked with several other NGOs, the investment arm of an insurance company, a pension fund, an investment advisor, and the Peace Corps.

Question: What is your role at GP? What do you do?

Answer: As Director of Program Initiatives, I am responsible for refining and expanding GP’s rural livelihoods impact area strategy and supporting the Programs and Impact Team in our other three impact areas (health, green technology, and microentrepreneurship). I am also working with GP’s Social Investment and Resource Development teams and leadership to study the feasibility of expanding GP’s activities from Latin America to other geographies.

Question: Why did you want to work at GP?

Answer: I wanted to leverage my international experience, analytical skills, and investment background to have a positive impact on others. I also wanted to work in a team of intelligent, conscientious, and well-rounded individuals who support and challenge each other in a collaborative environment and who share my passion for sustainable development. I was also attracted to GP’s non-financial services work with its microfinance partners and its growth potential and expansion plans.

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Andy Lohof training a farmers association in Mali.
Andy Lohof (far right) trains a farmers association in Mali. Photo c/o Andy Lohof.

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