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Meet KJ, GP’s new impact evaluation officer

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Part of our work as a nonprofit impact investor is measuring and evaluating the social impact of our investments. To help us double down on impact evaluation, we recently expanded our Impact and Research team to include KJ Zunigha, our new impact evaluation officer. Get to know KJ in this Q&A, and tweet any questions you have for KJ @GPSocialImpact.  

1. What is your role at GP and what is your background?
I have the exciting and challenging job of measuring the social impact of GP’s investments! Here at GP we are very purposeful in selecting quality partners that deliver impact, and so I work closely with the Social Investment Team and directly with our partners to collect and report data that demonstrates the lives impacted by our investments. My previous role was at the global health organization, PATH, on their Monitoring and Evaluation team.

2. Why is impact evaluation important?

Impact evaluation is critical because it allows us to understand our contribution to the lives we aim to serve.

We are constantly assessing our work and seeking ways to maximize our impact. Ultimately we aim to make impact at the household level and evaluating our work helps us to do that in smarter, more sustainable ways.

3. What are some challenges in evaluating impact?

There are so many different ways and levels of rigor in which to evaluate impact, ranging from interviews with individual clients to large-scale randomized control trials, and everything in between.

All organizations struggle to some degree in determining the most appropriate ways to evaluate impact. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach.

Here at GP we are committed to constantly assessing and balancing the time and resources we put into evaluation, and making sure they are appropriate to the size and scale of our partners and investments.

4. What is one impact evaluation project that GP is currently working on?
Good question! As I just started at GP I am currently learning who our partners are and understanding how we currently measure impact. GP already does a great job of quantifying the lives impacted by our investments, so I aim to now identify a couple partners to do some deep-dive impact studies.

5. What motivates you to do what you do?

I think one of my biggest motivators for doing this work is the challenge it presents. It is a difficult job to measure social impact because we are tackling really complex, deep-rooted problems!

You can design a perfect study or evaluation plan, but then there are always new on-the-ground factors and challenges that keep things interesting and force you to adapt your thinking and approaches. My own beliefs and theories are constantly evolving and I can’t imagine doing a job that didn’t challenge me on a daily basis.

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KJ Zunigha
KJ Zunigha, GP's new Impact Evaluation Officer, poses with a fish at a market in Lake Victoria, Kisumu, Kenya. Photo c/o KJ Zunigha.

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