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Maritza’s Story


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Maritza is a tenacious survivor. When she was 14, a family member tried to assault her. When she fought back, he attacked her with a machete. Because of the assault, she lost her hands.



People told Maritza she would never lead a normal life, never have a family, and never be able to support herself. Maritza refused to accept this grim prediction.


She tried to get a loan to start her own business, but no one would lend her money. They assumed a woman with no hands could not pay them back.


In September 2016, she learned about GP’s partner, Pro Mujer Nicaragua, which provides women living in poverty with affordable loans and business training through a village bank – a group of women entrepreneurs in her community who guarantee each other’s loans.


Maritza obtained a $165 loan to start her business buying vegetables in the market to sell to her neighbors. As a member of a village bank, Martiza also received business training and basic health education. Most importantly, she now has a group of like-minded entrepreneurs who are invested in each other’s success.


Today, Maritza’s business is thriving and supports her husband, children and grandchildren. She says she is proud of what she has accomplished. Martiza has shown what can be achieved despite extreme barriers.


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GP invests through partners and products, but the true change makers are our partners’ clients and their resourcefulness. Your gift supports people working hard to escape poverty. Your gift supports Maritza’s strength and resilience in the face of incredible adversity.



We still have $1,525 to reach our Matching Challenge! Your donation of $25 or more will be matched!






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