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Honoring the Achievements of Women

For International Women’s Day, we honor the countless achievements of women living in poverty. Faced with seemingly insurmountable odds, women across the globe are proving they are agents of change. With access to the right resources, they deliver results, not only in their businesses, but also in their families and communities. Why? The evidence shows that women tend to invest as much as ten times more than men on health care, nutrition and education for their families.


Melba is one such agent of change. She is a mother, business owner, and client of Pro Mujer Nicaragua, a partner in our Women-Centered Finance with Education initiative. Pro Mujer provides financial services and education, primarily to female entrepreneurs living in poverty.


a a aMelba took out her first loan with Pro Mujer to purchase and raise livestock. With her increased income, she invested in home improvement projects that contribute to the health, safety and dignity of her family. In addition to running her household and her business, Melba is also the treasurer of her Pro Mujer village bank and a leader in her community.


Global Partnerships has been investing in women-centered products and services for over 23 years. When women are empowered to make informed decisions, they can build productive assets and businesses, diversify their income, improve their economic resilience, improve child health and food security, and inspire others to do the same.


Across all our investments…

77% of our partners’ clients are women


Since our inception…

$287.2 million capital deployed

19 countries reached

118 social enterprise partners

8.9 million lives impacted


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