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News: Global Partnerships was recently highlighted on The Huffington Post and on the OPIC blog (OPIC is the U.S. government's development finance institution):

  • In Impact Investor Global Partnerships Invests in Solar to Connect the Poor with Light, The Huffington Post speaks with GP's Chief Impact & Research Officer Peter Bladin about the challenge of connecting poor off-grid communities with access to solar lights. Peter explains, "Solar lights for poor people living off the grid are likely to scale the way cell phones have in the developing world over the last 15 years. [...] The case for solar is extremely compelling but social enterprises serving the base of the pyramid need working capital to scale product development, manufacturing and distribution." Click to read more news >


  • In Reaching the Neediest, OPIC interviews GP President & CEO Rick Beckett about the challenge of using impact investing to reach the poor, and about the impact of integrating credit with services. Rick says,"The challenge is that the deeper we go into poverty or the further we go into remote places, the more difficult it is to make markets work. The economics just get harder. The poorer people are, the fewer resources they have to purchase anything, and the more remote their living conditions, the more expensive it often is to reach them. But we can make progress 'extending the frontier' if we’re willing to think differently and try innovative approaches."  Click to read more >
Huffington Post features Global partnerships
Global Partnerships' investments in solar were recently highlighted on The Huffington Post.

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