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Creating impact for 30 million lives by 2024

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At Global Partnerships’ annual luncheon last month, our President and CEO Rick Beckett shared our goal of increasing our impact by touching 30 million lives over the next decade. In this blog post, Tara Murphy Forde, our director of research and impact, introduces GP’s Program & Impact Team and the role it will play in helping GP reach that goal.

by Tara Murphy Forde, director of research & impact, Global Partnerships

The Program & Impact Team, led by Peter Bladin, aims to strengthen our capacity to identify promising new markets and initiatives to deploy high impact capital into sustainable solutions that deliver meaningful opportunities to people living in poverty. The team’s role within the organization is four-fold:

  • Research – We are developing a rigorous, consistent, and iterative research practice that will inform the selection, definition and ongoing evaluation of GP’s initiatives;
  • Market and Early Business Development – We are building relationships with industry thought leaders and practitioners to identify promising new solutions and explore opportunities for collaboration;
  • Program Management – We are overseeing targeted learning work with a select set of partners;
  • Impact Measurement – We are developing a comprehensive methodology for how we define measure, learn from, and improve on our impact.

Through these activities we look to synthesize the best available information from existing literature, informed opinion, and results from our own portfolio to hone our investment strategy. For example research into our current microentrepreneurship initiative has helped us to:

1. Clarify the target client as women at the base of the pyramid;

2. Gain confidence that when delivered well, financial services plus education across a broad range of livelihoods topics leads to consumption smoothing, increased resilience, and opportunity creation;

3. Identify that sessions taught by cross-trained loan officers during pre-existing village bank meeting has the potential to achieve both sustainability and scale.

With these insights we are busy trying to increase our engagement with best-in-class organizations while simultaneously seeking new types of social enterprises that deliver promising results. In short through a more structured approach to understanding what innovations work, why, for whom and under what circumstances - the Program and Impact team is helping Global Partnerships focus and deploy capital on the most promising solutions that have the potential to reach scale and be sustainable.

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Tara attends a CRECER village bank meeting.
Tara Murphy Forde (center) attends a village bank meeting with clients of our partner CRECER, in Bolivia. Photo © Global Partnerships.

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