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3 Things We Are Thankful For

This Thanksgiving, we’d like to extend our gratitude to our supporters, partners and team whose intelligence, bravery, generosity and compassion make our work possible. Without you all, there would be no “Global Partnerships.”

To our supporters

GP PartnerTrip travelers

A group of GP supporters travel on a PartnerTrip to visit clients of our partners.

  • Thank you for being big dreamers that share our vision of a world where everyone has an equal chance at success and prosperity.
  • Thank you for being brave and intelligent. It takes guts and smarts to support our work because what we do is complex to accomplish. It is just as difficult to understand and articulate. Yet despite this, there you are, right by our side. You learn with us and generously support us with your gifts, investments, time and skills.  
  • Thank you for believing in us. We know there are many worthy causes competing for your attention. Yet, you choose us. Your faith in our mission and our ability to achieve that mission is priceless. We will continue to work hard, improve ourselves and innovate to accomplish our mission.

To our partners

FDL credit officers wade across a river with their motorbike.

A typical "day at the office" for credit officers at our partner, FDL (Nicaragua). To reach rural families, they must traverse through the "last mile" (areas difficult to access). Photo © FDL.

  • Thank you for your relentless dedication to empowering poor families. Few people understand the lengths you go to in order to reach the underserved. It’s hard for many people to imagine the long roads you travel to serve families living in poverty. Some of you travel for hours on motorbikes across broken roads and wade through overflowing rivers to provide families with access to life-altering opportunities. For the personal sacrifices and the commitments you make every day, we thank you.  
  • Thank you for your expertise. We rely on each and every one of you to help us navigate through the challenges of our work.
  • Thank you for being open-minded to new and different approaches. Together, we are tackling huge challenges that require outside-the-box thinking.

To our colleagues

Sixta Garcia conducts a field visit.

Sixta García, a GP portfolio director, conducts a due diligence visit.

  • Thank you for your commitment to our mission and excellence in our work. Our team, collectively, has traveled over 200,000 miles in the past year to meet with new partners, conduct monitoring assessments, and connect with others in the impact investing space. We know the personal sacrifices you make to do your work and we are grateful.
  • Thank you for your intellectual curiosity and your desire to learn. Whether it’s getting your MBA while working full time or refining business models in health services or launching a new initiative in green tech or improving our operations, your thoughtfulness and insights help make us the organization we are today.
  • Thank you for being bold enough to aspire to achieve great things and dedicate yourselves to achieving them.

We extend our deepest gratitude to you all. Please let us know what you are grateful for this Thanksgiving.

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FDL credit officers
A typical "day at the office" for credit officers at our partner, FDL (Nicaragua). To reach rural families, they must travel the "last mile" (areas difficult to access). Photo © FDL.

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