Job Opening: Chief Financial Officer

The Organization

Since 1994, Global Partnerships (GP) has been dedicated to its mission of expanding opportunity for people living in poverty. For the last decade, GP has been a pioneer in impact investing – investing in market based products and services that empower people living in poverty to earn a living, provide for the basic needs of their families, access clean energy, and improve their lives.  


Through its Funds, GP has invested more than $220 million across 14 countries, positively impacting the lives of more than 4.7 million people. GP currently supports social enterprise partners in Latin America, the Caribbean, and sub-Saharan Africa. The GP team is comprised of 34 mission driven, dedicated, high-performing colleagues working from offices in Seattle, WA; Managua, Nicaragua; and Nairobi, Kenya.


The Global Partnerships Approach

GP’s distinct approach to impact-led investing is strategic and driven by results. Intense consideration is given to the realities faced by people living in poverty, which fuels research on which products and services have the most significant positive impact. GP finds like-minded social enterprises who strive to bring these products and services to marginalized populations—with a focus on women and those living in rural poverty. GP principally invests debt funding in these social enterprises, and constantly measures the social impact of its investments to refine strategy and maximize the depth and quality of social impact over time.  


GP believes that markets have an essential role in bringing meaningful and sustainable opportunity to millions of people living in poverty. GP views capital—both philanthropic and investment—as critically important resources for effective global development. 


GP is in the third year of a ten-year strategic plan. Its goals are 1) to invest in 20 different initiatives - each reflecting a particular kind of opportunity (e.g. women centered microfinance with education, solar lights, urban sanitation); 2) to make more than $500 million in impact investments; and most importantly 3) to positively impact the lives of more than 30 million people.


The Chief Financial Officer Role

The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) will play a pivotal role in strengthening the transactional, legal, financial, and operational infrastructure to enable GP to scale throughout the next decade. 


The CFO will oversee two to three direct reports and four to five indirect reports in accounting, finance, Fund operations/transactions, human resources, and information technology. The CFO will also oversee the activities of more than a half dozen pro bono legal firms and local counsel in at least sixteen countries. This position is based at GP headquarters in Seattle, Washington.


Reporting to GP’s President and CEO, and serving as a member of the senior leadership team, the CFO will oversee and direct the legal, transactional, and financial/operational side of the organization. Specifically, the CFO will be responsible for:


Investment Transaction Management

  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of GP’s Funds and related legal agreements and their key terms. Oversee upstream Fund investor and downstream Fund partner transaction work by the team

  • Guide resolution of critical transaction issues - with Fund investors, Fund partners, and their legal counsel - to protect GP’s interests and to ensure efficient transactional execution

  • Work closely with loan closing staff, outside counsel, and the Chief Investment Officer to develop strategies for resolution of loan workouts and complex transaction situations

  • Work to improve GP’s competitive position with Fund partners by addressing issues such as contract costs, complexity, security agreements, and timely execution

  • Sustain and expand GP’s relationships with pro bono and local counsel on a global basis, ensuring affordable GP access to high quality legal services to support all GP Corporate and Fund related activities

Financial Planning & Management

  • Guide GP’s overall operating financial strategy, including financial reporting, prudent financial controls, and financial risk management; communicate financial requirements and implications of business decisions to the CEO, senior leadership team, and Board of Directors

  • Support the CEO in reporting to the Board Executive/Finance Committee

  • Proactively conduct analyses to provide useful financial insights to GP’s senior leadership team to help make better decisions that facilitate executing GP’s strategy through financial analysis, long term forecasting, and recommendations

  • Provide executive level leadership for the annual budget process and oversee monthly reporting

  • Oversee the treasury function including cash management, banking relationships, and other advisory service providers. Ensure GP is tracking to its strategic goal of aligning 100% of its assets with its mission 

  • Oversee and strengthen GP’s foreign exchange risk management, including policy compliance and development of an expanded set of hedging and risk management alternatives. Support the Social Investment Team with real time knowledge of foreign exchange risk management alternatives and related costs 

  • Provide executive level oversight for the annual external audit in the U.S. and internationally, and related communication with the CEO and Board Audit Committee

  • Provide executive level oversight for annual assessment of insurance, IT, banking, credit card, and providers’ expenses and change vendors when appropriate

Legal and Compliance Management

  • Provide executive level oversight of all regulatory and legal compliance

  • Provide executive level oversight for GP’s corporate operations, including all contractual arrangements 

  • Ensure compliance with international legal requirements in East Africa and Central America

Information Technology

  • Oversee implementation of GP’s (midstream) IT project to build a relational database to support real time investment decision making - integrating financial and social impact considerations 

  • Oversee and manage outside technical vendors when appropriate

  • Direct strategic planning for lean, sustainable technology improvements

  • Recommend capital investment improvements to CEO as needed 

HR/Team Leadership

  • Motivate and lead a high performing, multidisciplinary team 

  • Oversee organization wide use of lean processes that support GP’s dSCALE culture (e.g. quarterly reviews)

  • Oversee Global Partnerships’ outsourced business functions

  • Oversee Human Resources administration, including employee policies, salary and benefits


Ideal Candidate

Global Partnerships seeks a professional CFO who is passionate about advancing the organization’s mission and creating opportunity for people living in poverty. The ideal candidate will have a genuine interest in the emerging field of impact investing and how capital markets can evolve to drive global social impact.


The CFO is service oriented and puts people at the center of process. A natural leader, facilitator, and thought partner with senior leadership, the CFO will seek to support new ideas and play an active role in determining what is possible for the organization. The CFO will have strong business and financial acumen, including experience in banking, international finance and/or commercial credit environments. 


The person we seek exhibits confidence without attitude—an optimist seeking solutions to complex challenges. We wish to find a CFO who places trust in their staff and is unafraid to attack tasks individually. The GP CFO will be a traditionalist when it comes to financial rigor; a modernist when it comes to systems; a risk taker when it comes to strategy; and a servant leader when it comes to getting work done. The GP CFO will have a proven ability to lead and inspire others in a coordinated effort, build and maintain strong external relationships with partners and service providers, and motivate and collaborate successfully with key influencers.


Minimum Qualifications

Candidates should have a minimum of 15 years of experience in a senior leadership position. Candidates must have managed a finance function, worked effectively in a transaction intensive environment, and led reasonably sized teams. 


The position requires an advanced degree in business administration, finance, or a related field. A JD would be a favorable asset, but not required. International transaction experience is strongly desired.


To Be Considered

Global Partnerships is an equal opportunity employer and we encourage all qualified candidates to go to and submit your resume and a cover letter expressing your passion for the mission and fit for the role. You may address letters to Tom Waldron.