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Global Partnerships Loans
$235 million

invested since inception

Global Partnerships Impact Investments
371 impact investments

made since inception

Global Partnerships Portfolio
102 partners

since inception

Global Partnerships Countries
15 countries

reached since inception

100% of Global Partnerships' assets under management are impact investments.

Global Partnerships

Global Partnerships is an impact investor. We invest in social businesses and nonprofits who deliver products and services to people living in poverty. Everyone deserves the chance to earn a living, care for their families, and improve their lives. Our investments are focused on health, energy and economic opportunity. GP currently invests in 58 partners in 15 countries in Latin America, the Caribbean and East Africa.

Our Impact

Since 1994, GP has impacted more than 5.1 million lives. We are committed to reach the rural poor and empower women to improve their lives and the lives of their families. Among the people our partners serve, 68 percent live in rural areas and 80 percent are women.

GP has invested $235 million in 102 partner organizations in 15 countries. We invest in products and services that help people earn a living and improve their lives.

Our Portfolio

Our Social Investment Funds provide loans to our partners to help sustain and grow proven solutions to poverty. Since 2005, we have formed five social investment funds designed to provide low-cost loans to a select portfolio of mission-driven partners while providing investors with both financial and social returns. 

Our funds provide investors with both financial and social returns. Our investors include foundations and accredited individual investors. Our investors also include religious pension funds and development banks. In addition to providing investors with a financial return, our funds deliver high social return that help people earn a living to escape poverty and improve their lives.


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Get involved at Global Partnerships and help expand opportunity for those living in poverty. Sign up for our free newsletter. Volunteer with us. Travel with us on an Impact Journey and see the impact of your gifts and investments. Attend one of our upcoming events and connect with others who share the belief that we should all be equal when it comes to opportunity.

Our Mission

Global Partnerships is a nonprofit impact investor whose mission is to expand opportunity for people living in poverty. Our efforts are focused around three household opportunity areas: economic, energy and health. GP currently has impact investments in 52 social enterprise partners in 14 countries across Latin America, the Caribbean and East Africa.

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Our Impact

We work closely with our partners to help achieve and grow our impact to reach thousands of people living in poverty. We invest in our partners who help their clients save time & money, increase productivity, access affordable healthcare, and earn a stable income. Since 1994, our impact investments in 96 partners have impacted 4.7 million lives in 14 countries across Latin America, the Caribbean and sub-Saharan Africa. 

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